Guidelines for Author

The manuscript is written in English. Manuscripts will be first reviewed by editorial boards. The main text of a manuscript must be submitted as a Word document (.doc). The manuscript consists of no more than 4000-5000 words (minimum), well-typed in a single column on A4 size paper with margins 2cm, using 11 pt of Bookman Old Style. The manuscript contains an original work and has potentially contributed to the highly scientific advancement (see: Article Template).

The manuscript should contain the following section in this order:


The title of articles in English should describe the main content of manuscripts, be informative, concise, not too wordy (12 words ), and does not contain formulas.

Name of affiliation for each author

The author's name should be accompanied by a complete affiliation address, postal code number, and email address.


Written briefly in English in one paragraph of 200-250 words, containing background, research objectives, methodology, research results.


Written in English 5 words or groups of words, written alphabetically. 


Explain the background of research, research problems, state of the art, literature review related to research that needs to be developed, and concludes with brief research objectives. The state of the art of research reflects the new issues (novelty) in the research conducted. The proportion of the introduction consists of 4-5 paragraphs and no more than 1.500 words.


Research methods with a quantitative approach must describe (objectives and research variables), research targets (population, sample, and data collection techniques), research models, research development, and data analysis techniques. The research hypothesis must be stated implicitly. While the research design for qualitative must present the research methods used such as phenomenology, ethnomethodology, ethnography, and others.


Findings and discussion provide answers with respect to research questions. It is recommended for research results with a quantitative approach to use tables, graphs, or diagrams that provide an explanation of the results of the study.


Research discussions explain the results of the research data without including in the text the research results but rather explain the importance of the research findings. While the presentation of results and discussion for research with a qualitative approach is adjusted to the method used in the research.


The conclusions of the study are based on the findings and discussions that have been discussed. The substance of the conclusions is based on research findings, problem formulation, research objectives, and research contributions without numerical and is presented in one paragraph


The reference writing style uses APA 6 or 7 (American Psychological Association). It is recommended, the script be written using the Mendeley application, Endnote / Zotero. References used are at least 80% in the form of research articles in journals and proceedings published in the last 5 years, and 20% of references can be quoted from Research Reports, theses, and dissertations.